What I Learned as a Therapist

What i learned as a therapist image.JPG

1. It’s the relationship that heals- Therapy is a unique bond built on trust, safety, acceptance, and positive regard. When these things are present the client can be vulnerable and examine themselves. The therapeutic relationship is the most powerful tool.

2. Every interaction is an intervention- Our brain is constantly taking in new information and reframing our perspective. Our subconscious mind stores everything as data. Something the conscious mind views as insignificant may still leave a powerful impression.

3. Therapist need therapy- Therapy is draining for the client and therapist. Also, client therapy can stir up a lot of emotions for the therapist. 

4. The here and now is the most telling- What happens in session between client and therapist is what happens outside of session. This is valuable clinical data the client is often unaware of because it is second nature to them. These observations help the therapist to understand the client outside of therapy and is used to help build client insight.

5. Therapist experience emotions in session-Therapists are humans who have real emotions that cannot be completely turned off in session. Therapy is an emotional intimate connection, which can be used as a here and now/mindful tool.

6. Expectation creates resistance- Therapy is on the client’s terms. Let go of any expectation of where you think the client should be in THEIR therapy. Acceptance and change is a process.

7. We all want to be authentically loved- Our most basic emotional need and one of the most vulnerable truths. We subconsciously view life in terms of love and fear.

8. Don’t take it personally- It is not about you, it’s about ‘them’. But our response is a powerful insight that sheds light onto our beliefs.