Mind-Body ways to Increase Energy

Increase Energy.png
  1. Open Palms – An open palm signifies a desire to receive. It draws new energy in and allows it to freely flow. You can do this in a seated position with feet on the ground hands on your lap, in easy pose or with legs crossed, lying on the floor, or in mountain pose. With a soft gaze or closed eyes, visualize energy entering the center of your palms and traveling through your body.

  2. Lengthen the Spine – Increase energy by creating space in your spine. This opens the body allowing energy to move. Stuck energy slows down the body - adding space in the body releases this stuck energy. Use your breath to lengthen the spine – in a seated or standing position plant your feet on the ground with a tall back. Breathe deeply into your spine and lower belly, allowing the breath to lift your ribs and extend your belly with air. Notice your spine lengthen with each inhale. To extend your spine further, relax your shoulders back and lift your chin up.

  3. Gyan Mudra – Is a hand posture often used in meditation and chanting. This hand posture also increases concentration and creativity among other amazing benefits. With an open palm, allow your thumb and pointer finger to touch. You can do this in any seated and standing position, most commonly done in easy pose or lotus pose. You can also stand tall with your arms out welcoming the flow of energy.

  4. Breath – The breath is the most natural way to increase energy. Prana, or life force, is what moves energy in our body. With all the ways listed to increase your energy, the breath is a guiding force. Click here to see a previous post on how to use your breath to increase energy.

  5. Mantra – Mantras are short meaningful statements that you repeat to yourself, out loud, or chanted. Mantras recharge your emotions, thoughts, and energy. Create your own or use one of these: I am a powerhouse or All the energy I need is already within.

  6. Mindful Check: Check in with your mind body. What do you feel in your body? Do you feel tension or aches? Be curious with yourself. Give yourself time to explore your mind and body. What is your body saying to you? Perhaps, your body is tired and needs rest.

  7. Body Movement – Any body movement will increase energy due to a change in flow of blood and oxygen throughout your body. When you are low in energy, physical movement might not seem helpful but depending on the intention of the movement, it can increase energy. Stretching or yoga poses can be done anywhere, at home, work, in bed, or sitting in a chair. You can go for a walk or run in place. Your options are endless!