Our Philosophy

It’s the relationship that heals.
— Irvin Yalom

As unique and different as we all are, one element will always hold true - our primal and most vulnerable needs are to be loved and understood. When these needs are not met, we subconsciously protect ourselves - sometimes in ways that are not healthy. Starting in early life and continued to this very moment, our experiences are internalized, which shape our thoughts, behaviors, and create patterns that are displaced in other areas - relationships, family, school, work, daily life. With self-awareness and acceptance, one can heal these wounds and no longer live from self-protection mode. Awakened Higher Self’s holistic approach integrates traditional Psychotherapy with scientific Eastern Psychology to heal the whole person - mind-body, soul, and spirit. We balance talk therapy with evidence based practices such mindfulness, meditation, breathwork, body movement, guided imagery, and universal spirituality to help you. Our goal is to serve as a guide as you heal and align with the universe to reach your highest self.